The final reflection…


At the beginning of the term, everybody wrote their expectations about this lesson. I wrote my expectations,too. However, at the beginning of the lesson, I was very pessimistic because when the teacher explained what we would do in this lesson, I thought that there were a lof of things which would be done. I thought there were a lot of homework, presentations and projects in addition to seven lessons. I always complained everything when I wrote my reflection at the beginning of the term.

Hoewever, When I looked back, everything wasn’t like my complaint. I did my homework, presentations and projects in the works. I wrote my reflections in every week because I planned everything and I succeeded. I did my all responsibility at the proper time. I learned that Although there were a lot of responsibility, When I planned everything, I did them at the proper time.

When I look back, I am happy because I have learned a lot things about the technology and the computer. Therefore, I am sorry teacher, I complained a lot at the beginning of the term. However, You should know that I am really happy because This lesson comes in useful. Thanks teacher for everything 🙂




In this week, I haven’t attended the lesson. However, I have learned what was done in the lesson.

The topic is weebly. We can design a web page. It is easy that we can create a web page. 

We can use weebly in English lessons. We can create a classroom web page.

Podcasting in ELT


In this week, we have learned podcasting in ELT. 

I think that podcasting is an useful tool so that the teacher can teach the second language.

The teachers can effectively use this tool in the class. Thanks to podcasting, the students can learn everything and everywhere. 



In this week, we have learned both storytelling and making a story in storyjumper.

We have had some information about the storytelling. Some information makes easy how we create the storytelling. However, adding a photograph and a music take so much time. If there wasn’t information about it, we could spend so much time. Thanks to it, we spend enough time for the storytelling.

The other task is storyjumper. We go to this website and we can create a story. I like this so much because everything is colourful in this website. I think if we use this in our future life, the children will like it. 

I am happy so that I have learned storyjumper. I think that it is a very useful thing. I will use it when I become a teacher.



In this lesson, we have learned new things again. the topic is wiziq.

We have learned that everything what we will do in the lesson is done in this program. When The teacher teaches the lesson, the students can chat with each other.

Also, They can talk with each other loud.  The students can create the lesson.

In addition, there are a lot of lessons in wiziq. The students can benefit from the lessons. 



In this week, we have learned

  • Nicenet
  • Online class
  • dokeos

We can creat a class and discuss something on the internet as the class. However, we can’t share a video or a file. 

I like Dokeosbecause I think it is useful for us. This provides us a lot of things. We makes a lot of thigs such as quizzes. 

I have learned a lot things. I like Dokeos so much because even there are the quizzes. If necessary, they can be useful for us.